Empowering Learners: Unleashing the Potential of PLAR in Canadian High Schools

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Do you want to know about your previous studies and how they will be recognized in Canada? Let us understand the PLAR of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition and how it works in secondary schools across the province. WHAT IS PLAR? PLAR is the process by which students from all over the world can demonstrate their formal […]

Unlock your success with Brock Academy’s OSSD Program

Unlock Your Success With Brock Academy’

What is OSSD? Students who complete their high school education in Ontario, Canada, can receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Thirty credits must be completed, including both mandatory and elective courses. OSSD Diploma  At Brock Academy, our mission is to help every student to achieve their full potential. With your success in mind, our […]