Empowering Learners: Unleashing the Potential of PLAR in Canadian High Schools

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Do you want to know about your previous studies and how they will be recognized in Canada? Let us understand the PLAR of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition and how it works in secondary schools across the province.


PLAR is the process by which students from all over the world can demonstrate their formal and non-formal knowledge and skills, which are gained through their different experiences in life, including their education and work experiences, and have them recognized for credit towards their high school diploma.

How Does PLAR Work for Regular Day School Students?

For students attending regular day school, PLAR has a specific function. They can earn four credits for grades 10, 11, and 12 through the challenge process. This means they can demonstrate their understanding of course material and receive credit without taking it.

PLAR for Students Transferring from Non-Traditional Educational Backgrounds

Students transferring from homeschooling to non-inspected private schools or schools outside of Ontario can also benefit from PLAR. Principals evaluate their previous learning experiences and grant equivalency credits for placement purposes.

PLAR for Mature Students

Due to their broader life experiences, mature students have different PLAR requirements. Principals determine the number of credits needed for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Mature students can earn up to sixteen grade 9 and 10 equivalency credits and fulfill the remaining credits through various pathways, including demonstrating achievement, presenting credentials, or taking courses.

Meeting Diploma Requirements Through PLAR

Mature students must meet specific diploma requirements, including literacy and community service, while working towards their OSSD through PLAR. They must also earn a minimum of four grade 11 and 12 credits by taking courses at a secondary school.


PLAR offers a flexible pathway for students to earn credits towards their high school diploma based on their previous learning experiences. Whether you are a regular day school student or a mature student, PLAR can help you achieve your educational goals by recognizing the knowledge and skills you’ve already acquired. Explore PLAR and unlock new opportunities on your academic journey!

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