The Ontario Secondary School Diploma

OSSD was designed by educational experts in Canada to prepare students for success in  university. These university-focused courses provide successful students with access to prestigious international universities. The Ontario curriculum is a rich and multi-faceted program that presents many opportunities for students with different strengths to shine. It is not just focused on memorizing facts, and instead helps students develop the hard and soft skills that will aid them in their post- secondary education and careers. Here at Brock Academy, we use a plethora of educational tools to best deliver the OSSD curriculum content in a way that engages and enriches our students. Through a blended learning, multi-media approach we are able to integrate developed lesson plans, external resources, and interactive learning techniques to best prepare your child for success. We work in tandem with the OSSD curriculum to ensure that our students develop higher order thinking skills and the ability to navigate the academic learning world in an increasingly global context.

The Role of Assessment in the OSSD Program

The OSSD program is preferred by many students and parents because it involves regular assessments geared toward helping students build self-awareness, bolster their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Instead of relying on one exam at the end of the year, this program has smaller projects and tests throughout the course. That means that students receive more consistent, authentic feedback regarding their academic performance and areas that require extra attention.

OSSD Curriculum

Brock Academy offers courses in the following area of Ontario Curriculum.