Our Approach

Our Approach

At Brock Academy we believe that students everywhere deserve access to a world-class education. We focus on ensuring our education is up to the world-renowned standards that reflects Canada’s reputation, so that your child will succeed in applying for and attending the university program of their choice.

Teaching Excellence

Our teachers know how to harness the unique advantages of the digital learning environment to benefit students, leaning into the shift toward technology to thrive in an ever-changing world. The result is a supportive, flexible teaching strategy that achieves the best results for each unique learner.
Our global teachers are on-site to help students learn in person, providing a global perspective to enhance students’ learning and contributing to their global citizenship education. We take the time to train our globally based teachers to Canada’s specific educational approach and provide frequent training to ensure their skills are always up to date.

Teachers Of Brock Academy
Brock Academy Directors

Our Program Directors

We have a Global Program Director and a Canadian Program Director who work in tandem to ensure our program is top notch. At Brock Academy learning goals are common across all courses: developing higher order thinking, academic skills, and critical thinking. However, we recognize that every student is different and approaches learning in their own unique way. With the support of our directors, our teachers are able to personalize their approach to suit each child, particularly through individualized guidance in their one-on-one sessions.

Student Assessment

Our student base includes students from all different backgrounds. With many of our students coming from Malaysia, Nigeria, Turkey, Middle East, Pakistan and various other places across the globe, we begin with a prior learning assessment and recognition process (PLAR) at the time of enrollment. Completing this assessment enters your child into the Ontario school system. During the PLAR process we will discover what students already know and where they need to grow, so that we can best support them on their unique journey.
No matter where your child starts, we can help them gain the knowledge they need through the OSSD and develop the skills to continue learning at university and throughout their life.

Brock Academy Student Assessment