ESL Program

At Brock Academy we believe that students everywhere deserve access to a world-class education. We focus on ensuring our education is up to the world-renowned standards that reflects Canada’s reputation, so that your child will succeed in applying for and attending the university program of their choice.

Brock ESL Program

In the province of Ontario, students who have not completed grades 1-8 with all courses and subjects taught in English may be advised to undertake ESL (English as a Second Language) courses before progressing to academic English in high school.

Upon enrolling in high school courses at Brock Academy, our teachers based in Canada will assess the student’s English proficiency level. Following this evaluation, the school will provide guidance to students regarding the necessity of ESL courses.

Brock Academy ESL Process:

At Brock Academy, the ESL process adheres to the guidelines set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. It comprises five (5) levels of Academic ESL, which serve as a preparatory phase before students’ transition to the regular Academic English high school program.


English language proficiency is a prerequisite for admission to all post-secondary institutions. In Canada, various tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and CELPIP are widely accepted, with the “academic” versions required rather than the “general” versions.

At Brock Academy, our Global Branch in your country is dedicated to supporting students in enrolling for these tests within the appropriate timeframe, ensuring their eligibility for consideration by universities. To further enhance our students’ success in the English Language Proficiency Tests, we have established partnerships with experienced instructors who have served as trainers and examiners for IELTS, TOEFL, and CELPIP. Please note that the charges for test preparation and test fees are separate from the regular fees and will be applied on an as-required basis.

By providing comprehensive assistance and specialized training, Brock Academy aims to equip our graduates with the necessary language skills to secure admission offers in a timely manner and thrive in their academic pursuits.