Canadian Education

Canadian Education Why choose a Canadian education for your child? The OSSD is consistently ranked top five in the world for high school education programs. As such, it is globally recognized by universities, granting students access to amazing programs in the top schools around the world.

How the Canadian Education System Works

In Ontario, a province in Canada, children are educated for 13 years. Starting from kindergarten programsthey move from grade one to grade twelve. The first eight grade school years are considered primary education and the last four are considered secondary education.

Our OSSD program follows this same secondary structure. If your child has taken eight years of formal education anywhere, they have completed the equivalent of Canadian primary school and can attend Brock Academy’s Full OSSD Program. This is a four- year program with 30 credits. Depending on each student’s language skills, they may have to also complete an English as a Second Language (ESL) component.
In the last year of secondary education, Canadian students destined for university will complete six courses at the university level. These classes are traditionally completed at the age of 17 or 18, but they can be completed earlier or later.
At the end of the OSSD program through Brock Academy, students will earn these credits. Or, if they have completed 11 years of formal education, they may be able to complete our University Pathway program, in which they’ll complete eight to 10 courses in one year.
Canadian education is longer than many other comparable international programs, but it is also among the mostly high respected. Students will not have to complete the entire program to graduate with an OSSD, just the last six classes.
Brock Academy Canadian Education

Obtaining a Canadian Education

Through Brock Academy, students can complete the last leg of the Canadian education system and earn an OSSD, which will give them a leg up in entrance to major global universities. The courses they take will be the same as Ontario’s students take, just online. We have well-trained teachers to guide students through the curriculum and help them achieve their highest potential. After the completion of six university level courses students will earn an OSSD and be eligible to apply to many different programs at different universities throughout the world in prestigious programs like law, medicine, engineering, and other highly sought- after programs.