Canadian Education

Canadian Education: Why choose a Canadian education for your child? The OSSD is consistently ranked in the world wide for high school education programs. As such, it is globally recognized by universities, granting students access to amazing programs in the top schools around the world.

Why Choose Canadian Education for Your Child?

Canadian education, particularly the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program, offers numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for your child. Consistently ranked among the top five in the world, the OSSD program is globally recognized by universities, providing students with unparalleled opportunities to access exceptional programs at prestigious institutions worldwide.

Understanding the Canadian Education System

In Ontario, Canada, children undergo 13 years of education, starting from kindergarten and progressing from grade one to grade twelve. The first eight years are considered primary education, followed by four years of secondary education.

At Brock Academy, we follow the same secondary structure of the OSSD program. If your child has completed eight years of formal education anywhere, equivalent to Canadian primary school, they can enroll in our Full OSSD Program. This comprehensive four-year program consists of 30 credits. Depending on your child’s language skills, they may also need to complete an English as a Second Language (ESL) component.

During the final year of secondary education, Canadian students destined for university typically complete six university-level courses. These classes are typically finished at the age of 17 or 18, although completion can occur earlier or later.

Upon completion of the OSSD program through Brock Academy, students will earn these credits. Alternatively, if they have completed 11 years of formal education, they may be eligible to enroll in our University Pathway program, which allows them to complete eight to ten courses within one year.

The Benefits of Canadian Education

While Canadian education may be longer than many other international programs, it is highly respected and regarded. Students are not required to complete the entire program to graduate with an OSSD; rather, they need to fulfill the requirements of the final six classes.

Obtaining a Canadian Education through Brock Academy

By enrolling at Brock Academy, students have the opportunity to complete the final stage of the Canadian education system and earn an OSSD, providing them with a competitive edge when applying to leading global universities. Our online courses follow the same curriculum as Ontario students, and our highly trained teachers are dedicated to guiding students through the program and helping them reach their full potential. After successfully completing six university-level courses, students will earn an OSSD, making them eligible to apply to various prestigious programs worldwide, including law, medicine, engineering, and other highly sought-after fields.

Choosing a Canadian education through Brock Academy opens doors to a world of possibilities, equipping your child with the knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary for academic success and future endeavors.