Unlock your success with Brock Academy’s OSSD Program

Unlock Your Success With Brock Academy’

What is OSSD?

Students who complete their high school education in Ontario, Canada, can receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Thirty credits must be completed, including both mandatory and elective courses.

OSSD Diploma 

At Brock Academy, our mission is to help every student to achieve their full potential. With your success in mind, our Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Program offers a broad range of courses designed to meet your particular needs.

Customized Study Plans: 

We understand that every student is different. To build a customized study plan, especially for you, we considered several important factors, including university admission requirements, your future academic goals, and guidelines from the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Comprehensive Curriculum: 

Our program covers compulsory courses mandated by the Ministry of Education, ensuring you meet all requirements. But we go beyond that, providing a wide variety of courses that correspond with your passions and career goals.

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