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Courses We Offer

Brock Academy offers a wide range of credit courses in the areas of Math, English, Science, Social Science and the Humanities.

We provide continuous enrolment for our online courses. Students can finish a course in as little as six weeks or take as long as six months. Our courses are accessible 24/7 with support from a team of highly-qualified and dedicated teachers. Each of our online courses have engaging and extensive lessons that fully allow for interaction with the teachers and access to the latest resources and technology.

Our Courses are listed below.


  • English 12 (ENG4U)
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC4O)
  • The Writers’ Craft (EWC4U)
  • Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
  • Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
  • Mathematics of Data Management (MDM4U)
  • Biology 12 (SBI4U)
  • Chemistry 12 (SCH4U)
  • Physics 12 (SPH4U)
  • Introductory Kinesiology (PSK4U)
  • Nutrition and Health (HFA4U)
  • Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4U)
  • Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (CGW4U)
  • Canadian and International Politics (CPW4U)
  • World History since the Fifteenth Century (CHY4U)
  • Sport and Entertainment Marketing (IDC4U)
  • Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, (BOH4M)
  • Green Industries (THJ4M)
Brock Academy Grade 12
Brock Academy Grade 11


  • English (ENG3U)
  • Media Studies (EMS3O)
  • Canadian Literature (ETC3M)
  • Functions (MCR3U)
  • Biology (SBI3U)
  • Chemistry (SCH3U)
  • Physics (SPH3U)
  • Environmental Science (SVN3M)
  • Intro. to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology (HSP3U)
  • Understanding Canadian Law (CLU3M)
  • Entrepreneurship : The Venture (BDI3C)
  • Green Industries, Grade (THJ3M)
Brock Academy Grade 11


  • English 10 Academic (ENG2D)
  • Drama (ADA2O)
  • Principles of Mathematics 10 (MPM2D)
  • Science 10 Academic (SNC2D)
  • Career Studies (GLC2O)
  • Civics and Citizenship (CHV2O)
  • Canadian History since World War I (CHC2D)
  • Introduction to Business, 10 (BBI2O)
Brock Academy Grade 10
Brock Academy Grade 9


  • English 9 Academic (ENG1D)
  • Principles of Mathematics 9 (MPM1D)
  • Science 10 Academic (SNC1D)
  • Issues in Canadian Geography (CGC1D)
  • Food & Nutrition (HFN1/2O)
  • Exploring Family Studies (HIF1O)
  • Learning Strategies I (GLS1O)
  • Introduction to Business, 9 (BBI1O)
Brock Academy Grade 9